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Who We Are

Sea Chest Consignments is a non-profit shop with a mission to raise funds for South Shore of Boston human services organizations. Recipients are chosen once a year by a popular vote of our 90-plus volunteers. Award funds are generated each year through the proceeds of our consigned sales and donations.

Our Volunteers Come From:

In 2015, the funds were dispersed to the following recipients:

  • Scituate Animal Shelter
  • Magical Moon Foundation
  • NVNA and Hospice
  • Quincy Family Resource Center

About Seawinds Charity

This nonprofit group was founded by our dearly departed colleague, Andrea “Andi” Merrill. We would like to dedicate this section of our site to her memory and the enormous contributions she made to the community as well as her commitment towards caring for the well-being of others.

Seawinds Charity continues Andi’s tradition by providing support to the community in 3 ways:

First are the volunteers, they create a sense of camaraderie and belonging that makes working at our shop a joyful, as well as fruitful, experience.

Second is the community of consignors who graciously offer their valuable articles and clothing to our shop. More often than not, these selfless individuals sell their belongings for a fraction of their original cost to contribute to a worthy cause.

are the charities that receive donations from Seawinds. These groups offer support to those in need within the South Shore community and deserve ongoing support.

If you wish to know more about our nonprofit group and how you, too, can contribute in one way or another, contact us today. 
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